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Environmental Protection - Safety - Quality

All products are subject to strict requirements for environmental protection, health impact, safety and quality assurance, we have in STYL high priorities in each activity:
  • All products contain only biodegradable surfactants and conform to all national and EC - uniform laws and regulations.
  • Most products have been developed as a "low-allergy".
  • Most packaging is made from environmentally friendly materials and can be entirely recycled if collection systems are available.
  • Continuous quality control in the production accompany every step of production and ensure high quality standards.
  • Focus safety pervades all company steps, starting with the product development to product application.
  • The continuous development of all products and their adaptation to new guidelines and standards represents an ongoing process.
A new "green" product line of cleaners GREEN WAVE is based on raw materials, which are made of natural plant products and biodegradable surfactants and hereby contribute to environmental protection.