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STYL, chemical production cooperative
Specialist for household chemist
the biggest Czech producer of solid WC deodorant

STYL Company was founded in 1950 as manufacturing cooperative and since 1962 is engaged in chemical production. STYL started to produce first toilet hinges in 1969 like first company in Czech Republic. After 1990 activities of company start to mainly focus on chemistry and cosmetics. Currently the foundation offers a wide range of products for toilet hygiene.

Market position
STYL Company is the biggest Czech producer of toilet hinges, toilet blocks and tablets for deodorizing of urinal, also developed a variety of own recipes, which represent high standard of quality in this field. Concurrently is one of the leading producer of WC gels, liquid toilets preparations and means of household chemicals for example products for rust and scale, carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, cleaning of shower, etc. Company build up strong and fixed position on Czech and Slovakia market after 60 years of working. A significant part of the production is specified for developed European markets and exports to overseas. Our business activities are focused on three market segments - multinational and domestic retail chains, wholesalers, service area (cleaning companies, catering and industry).

In 2007, STYL was rated as one of the "CZECH 100 BEST" companies
In 2010, STYL was rated as one of the "CZECH 100 BEST" companies

STYL is a member of the following associations:
  • Association of the Chemical Industry in the Czech Republic (SCHP)
  • Union of Czech and Moravian Production Cooperatives (SMVD)
  • Eko-Kom (the green dot in the Czech Republic)
  • Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange
Partnership - customer orientation
STYL Company want to be a true partner for domestic customers with an express purpose: Czech products from the Czech manufacturer. We want to build our partnership and business deals primarily on the reliability of the supply of goods, especially when it comes to delivery dates, quality of products, include relevant documentation and guarantee that the products supplied comply in all respects applicable legal requirements.

Vision - development guidelines
  • To achieve maximum customer satisfaction by meeting their wishes, needs and expectations when using our products.
  • Offering our customers products for acceptable prices whose functionality and quality are comparable with leading European brands.
  • Hold a strong and respected position among suppliers of a range of household chemical toilet deodorants on the Czech and Slovak market and also abroad.
  • Continue to strengthen its leading position among Czech manufacturers of products for toilet hygiene, especially in compact toilet preparations or their innovative successors.
  • Significant influence in the innovation process for products of toilet hygiene for both domestic and foreign markets.
Values such as honesty, continuity, solidity are always closely connected with each of our activities.

STYL Company products are developed with regard to the protection of requirement people and the environment, the applicable legislative requirements (REACH, EC-Regulation on detergents, etc.). Products are manufactured under constant review during each stage of the production process.

Health and environment
Cleaners are a daily part of your (and our) life. Brings benefit and utility, but can also threaten human health or the environment. Our aim is to develop such products which at the required efficiency it attempts the lowest possible level of risk to their users and the environment. Our contribution to the protection of health and the environment we expose in the upcoming "green" cleaners GREEN WAVE series. We apply the following principles:

  • Meet applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization is subject to.
  • Prevent environmental pollution already in the development phase of new products.
  • The maximum extent used packaging from biodegradable and recyclable materials.
  • Reduce the environmental burden inherent activities of the own organization.